EAI Solutions

Enterprise Application Integration (“EAI”) Solutions are aimed at creating an integrated business environment with automated processes that consolidate the disparate data and systems, quickly and simply. Through integration, the business can optimize and extract the maximum benefits from valuable, but previously dispersed business information.

Clockwork offers Enterprise Application Integration services in the following areas:

Inter-Enterprise Application Integration

Intra-Enterprise Application Integration

Legacy Application Integration

Clockwork’s EAI Solutions are developed and implemented around SAP’s SAP Business One Integration Framework and Magic Software’s Magic xpi integration Platform that easily integrate various applications running on diverse databases, operating systems, and platforms.

Additionally, our integration expertise emanates from in-depth knowledge of legacy applications, ERP, SCM, CRM, Middleware products and other open system tools. Of course, we always rely on the technical strength of our strategic partners like SAP, Magic Software etc.


SAP B1 IF as the platform for integration and collaboration,

  • Unifies business processes and automates operations across the ecosystem
  • Integrates business partners, employees etc across system environments

The Business One Integration framework (SAP B1 IF ) is free of charge for all customers holding an SAP B1 license. SAP B1 IF is used to connect SAP B1 to its eco system. Therefore the main task for SAP B1 IF is to enable SAP B1 to publish/send data to external systems and to allow SAP B1 to consume/access data from external data provider.

The strict model-driven approach of SAP B1 IF allows even people without years of experiences in integration to develop an individual, robust integration scenario with high reliability, with short implementation time and change friendliness from beginning on


Magic xpi Integration Platform delivers enterprise-grade integration, business process automation, and data synchronization solutions.

Magic xpi Integration Platform enables you to focus on the value of your business applications rather than on their underlying technological requirements. Based on your business logic, Magic xpi automatically instructs the various system components, so that you can deliver the most effective integration projects quicker than ever before and with an unprecedented low cost of ownership.

Magic xpi has the power and versatility to support a wide range of business processes and data synchronization scenarios. It features a comprehensive development studio and an unrivalled level of interoperability and connectivity for integrating a wide variety of technologies and standards, including databases, operating systems, Web services, messaging, FTP and directories, .Net, JAVA, RPG, HTTP, and more.

Magic xpi’s productive metadata studio uses code-free technology to orchestrate the flow of business processes and manage information exchange between on-premise and/or cloud-based enterprise systems, automatically integrating data from multiple sources in a many-to-one approach.