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Clockwork HRMS is a simplified web-based solution for complex HR Management and Operations which offers a broad range of features including Employee Self Service (ESS). Most of the HR professionals spend their time in Operational activities which delay some important strategic decisions. This comprehensive and integrated HR solution helps in making strategic decision efficiently.

WHY Clockwork HRMS?

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It consists of a variety of HR modules and features which will satisfy your current business needs.
This HR Solution cuts down the effort and transaction cost faced by most of the HR department and makes the employee more productive.
Accurate, up to date and available appropriate information leads to effective and timely decisions.
Reduces the Admin work, Because of that Organization can improve focus on strategic plan.
Our Product requires less implementation time having a simplified solution which provides a better chance of success of the project.

The solution works well within the organization and outside the organization having the facility of implementing on the internet, intranet or VPN.
The solution provides management of multiple company and multiple locations.
Our application can easily integrate with third party applications like SAP.

The HR processes are very dynamic in nature. So, for your growing business, we can customize it as per your specific business needs.

We give completely modularized solution for each HR functions that can be chosen as per your needs. Also, we offer different type of packages which can be completely customized as per your needs.

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