SAP Business One Project Management

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Improve project efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability, using robust analytics that provide complete visibility into project performance.

SAP Business One provides comprehensive project management functionalities to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability. You can manage multiple projects of any size and complexity with robust analytics that provide complete visibility into project and cost performance and resource usage. Project managers can plan and track projects using graphical tools such as Gantt charts and network diagrams. They can use the software to create an overall project structure, set up a detailed project plan and schedule, assign project staff, and procure the goods and services needed to carry out the project.

Collaboration and workflow functionalities allow project teams to share information, while powerful analytics deliver up-to-the-minute information for tracking costs such as employee and contractor hours, travel, and purchases.

You can track performance against schedule and escalate important issues as needed. In addition, project teams can collaborate on project documents and share projectrelated information.

You can also:

  • Track a project’s planned versus actual cost and resource billings, monitor trends, pinpoint problems early, and take corrective action
  • Track actual project revenues, down to the project-task level
  • Enable team members to submit travel and other project-related expenses, which can be automatically allocated to an overall project as well as to individual project tasks
  • Monitor project profitability and react as necessary during a project
  • Deliver reports and dashboards – and enable interactive analysis on mobile devices
  • Choose from a variety of deployment options designed to meet different needs

Companies with a combination of trade, service and projects require a broad base of functionality in an integrated and easy to use system, which SAP Business One for Project Management can provide.

Capacity planning

Graphical-based capacity planning. Using drag & drop, activities and hours in the project plan can be allocated directly to resources (employees and machines).

Project planning

Graphical integrated Gantt chart with simultaneous insight into capacity and material requirements. Material deliveries are linked with project activities and are directly visible in the project plan.

Accounting & Invoicing

Extensive invoice schemes supported, including down payments and progress billing. Invoices can be linked to milestones, activities or scheduled to specific dates.

Job costing

Direct access to projected margin, planned-vs.- actual budgets, and work in progress (WIP). Extensive drill-down options to activities, material and labor. Always up-to-date insight on the status of the project, progress, and WIP.

Quotation controls & Sales

Improve the process of quoting and managing projects in your sales process. Ensure an accurate available-to-promise by adding a quote to a project plan to see the impact on machines and labour.

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